Our Story


The LunarSand journey has only just begun. Our humble little label was born in 2015 on the beach at Seal Rocks, a beautiful untouched part of the world that we hold very dear to our hearts. After months of drawing, painting, planning, countless late nights and ENDLESS cups of coffee, with a few strolls along the beach in between, we are thrilled to present LunarSand – Join us for the ride xxx

– Ruby & Asher Licciardi


LunarSand is a unique label with a very strong conceptual backbone. Having studied a Bachelor of Design at COFA, Ruby pours heart, soul and meaning into her creative work. “The name LunarSand arose from the concept of the strength and energy that is drawn from the moon and the earth (sand) which then creates wholeness and a sense of magic”.

The Arch Empress collections draws inspiration from strong women both real and fictional throughout 
history.The prints take 
cues from and feature symbolic references to 
empowerment. LunarSand pieces are luxurious in feel and rich in colour and each design is comfortable and flattering.The collection references the idea of pared back abstracted ‘Super Women Costumes’.

Ruby has also designed a chic sports bag. The stylish drawstring backpack is ideal for beach, city and gym activities and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charity, including beyondblue, a national organization working to create an Australian community that understands depression and anxiety and empowers people to seek support.

Community involvement is very important to both Ruby and Asher and they are passionate about mixing their love of design with an avenue that allows them to contribute back to community.